Best Foundations for Dry Skin

15 Best Foundations for Dry Skin

27th April 2020

Looking for a decent foundation for your dry skin? Find one which provides great coverage and with a touch of hydration. So, here’s is the list of 15 Best Foundations for Dry Skin. Dry skin gets textured and flaky and therefore, you need to select a complex which not only boosts your moisture levels but […]

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Best primer for oily skin

13 Best Primer For Oily Skin

18th April 2020

Tried of cakey patches on your skin? It’s like your dream to have flawless look, then sweetheart, you have landed on the right page, as it offers all you need. Here we are going to inform you about the 13 Best Primer for Oily Skin in India. Makeup is a kind of art and your […]

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Best hair conditioners in India

8 Affordable and Best Hair Conditioners in India

18th February 2020

Have you ever wondered why your hair becomes dry and frizzy all of a sudden? Dryness, frizzy and dull hair are evident signs that your hair lacks essential conditioning and nourishment. Most of the people ignore the fact that their hair needs a proper conditioning regimen. Skipping the hair conditioning process may actually deteriorate the […]

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hair fall shampoo for women

6 Best Shampoos in India for Hair Fall

17th February 2020

Out of other health-related issues, hair fall is one of the most common problems faced by every other individual. Nowadays, a busy and stressed out life drains away all the nourishment from hair follicles, making it vulnerable to hair issues such as Alopecia. Although there is a specific role played by the hormonal imbalance, majorly […]

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Hair care tips

Hair Care Tips When You are Travelling

12th February 2020

Whether you are travelling for a business event or on vacation, your hair is definitely going to face a tough time. While your hair loves to play in the beautiful breeze and amidst the fragrance of the foreign land, it is your responsibility to manage it neatly. Thus, hair care tips should be the first […]

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Skin Care Products

Heading Towards Manali? Take Care of your Skin with These Tips

5th December 2019

Planning your next vacation? Already ready with the bookings of the best of Manali trip packages? Read ahead to know some quick smart tips for maintaining a healthy and beautiful looking skin while traveling in extreme climatic conditions like that of Manali. Manali is undoubtedly one of the best mountainous destinations for travelers. The snow-capped […]

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Best Long lasting lipstick brand

19 Best Long-Lasting Lipstick Brands

2nd December 2019

Hello Girls!!!! Here in this article, we are going to discuss the 19 Best Long Lasting brands. Many times we have observed that girls have frequent touch-ups, or the need to visit the washroom frequently to make sure that your lipstick is up-to-mark? So, if you’re one of those then you must go through this […]

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Best Lipstick Shades

18 Dark Lipstick Shades for Indian Women

16th November 2019

Hello Beauties, through this content we are going to answer a few questions like What color lipstick goes best with dark skin? How do I choose a dark lipstick? The inky lips never get out-of-fashion- whether it is Rihanna going insane at Fashion week or Margot Robbie with unorthodox plum hue pop on her lips. […]

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Best Lipstick brands in India

20 Best Lipstick Brands in India

6th November 2019

Want to look graceful and confident, then your first choice should be lipsticks. Yes, it’s the “stick”, which boost up the confidence. Just glide on your lips and feel the magic. There is an inexplicable bond between lipstick and women. Lipsticks can be termed as a mood-lifter which adds glams to the personality and overall […]

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Fairness Cream for men

Fairness Cream for Men: India’s 8 Best Men’s Whitening Cream

2nd October 2019

Best Fairness cream for men How can a man get fairness? Which cream is best to become fair? Which face cream is best for men in India? Is Your search history flooded with these questions? You have landed at the right page, let’s go then! Everyone is very much concerned about their skin tone whether […]

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