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Virat Kohli Not Playing the 3rd Test Match Against England

As we all have that on the third day of the 2nd Test Match against England, Virat Kohli was seen having a heated argument with on-field umpire Nitin Menon. This argument started after Nitin Menon denied the LBW appeal by India against the English caption Joe Root. Later the DRS was taken and the decision of the on-field umpire was called as the final decision.

During this whole incident, when the English captain was not given out by the umpire Nitin Menon, Virat Kohli straightaway went into the umpire’s face and they both had a lengthy conversation about this whole event.

Also, earlier in the match we had the umpire warning Virat Kohli when he was running on the dangerous area of the pitch.

On this whole incident David Lloyd, the former England cricketer has heavily criticized the Indian caption for his behavior towards the officials. He has shown his anger and reaction to the whole incident in his column in DailyMail. David Lloyd said:

“No word of any disciplinary action against Virat Kohli then? I chuckle and I despair. Cricket is so archaic. The captain of a national team is allowed to criticize, berate, intimidate and ridicule an official on the pitch. And he was allowed to carry on playing on in the second Test! In any other sport, he would have been sent off the field. Kohli certainly shouldn’t be playing in Ahmedabad next week”.

ICC has not taken any call on this incident which is a sign of relief for the Indian fans. After winning the second test match India is back on the level in this series and the next encounter between the two teams is scheduled to take place in Ahmedabad.

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