Types of Physical Exercise You Must Work On

Types of Physical Exercise

Exercise is not a requirement of your body, but it is a need for it! As you know that there are many types of physical exercises which are beneficial for your health. You might have heard it thousands of times, but probably you don’t know its rewards.

Many times we find excuses to escape exercises, or even after thinking about a thousand times that exercise is most important, cannot even make it an essential part of our daily routine. Maybe you are not aware of its benefits that can be a cure for the illness you’re suffering from badly. Here, we are telling you, the benefits of exercising, after knowing which you will not find excuses to skip exercises. Let’s understand some significant type of physical exercise advantages-

  1. Exercise keeps our muscles healthy, and also improves the flow of blood in your body, which keeps you healthy. The brain also actively works by getting the right blood supply through exercise. It even helps in the formation of new brain cells.
  2. Exercise helps in controlling your blood pressure. Regular exercise reduces high blood pressure by approximately 75 percent. Different types of physical exercise such as ‘Aerobics’ is also very beneficial for blood pressure.
  3. Regular exercise increases your metabolism and burns calories even when you are in resting mode after the exercise which leads to faster weight loss. Besides, the Advantages of physical exercise helps you to stay young for a longer period by slowing down your aging.
  4. Exercise eliminates stress and depression as well as other mental problems. According to research, the effect of regular exercise is like anti-depression medicine. Exercising for half an hour a few days in a week improves the symptoms of depression.
  5. Exercise helps you get rid of physical pain. It provides relief from back pain, straining in the hands and feet etc. Apart from this, it is helpful in improves the immune system by increasing the level of energy in the body.
  6. Regular exercise reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. It reduces harmful cholesterol and helps to increase HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol. This causes the heart to pump more blood, and we can take more oxygen than usual.
  7. Exercise is very beneficial in raising and maintaining energy levels in the body. It also helps you to maintain freshness throughout the day and keep you fresh.
  8. Regular exercise can save you from a dangerous disease like cancer. This reduces the risk of various types of cancer, especially colon cancer and blood cancer.
  9. Exercise increases the stamina of your body which causes better performance and increased ability at work.
  10. Exercise is the most effective way to keep skin beautiful and young. When exercising, the blood circulation gets faster, which increases the skin’s brightness and glow. Because of this, the skin looks healthy and young, and your skin gets a natural glow.

Types of Exercises and Their Advantage

There are different types of physical exercises for different things. Some make the body healthy, some help in keeping it healthy. The activities performed in the form of yoga are beneficial for intellectual health. So let’s learn in detail what kinds of exercises are there you should be doing for different purposes according to your need.

#1. Isotonic Exercise

In some exercises, specific muscles are constricted and relaxed regularly. In these exercises, muscle tension is maintained, and the length of the fibers of the muscles varies. These types of activities are called isotonic exercises. To be understood merely, the exercise that is more actionable is called the isotonic workout. Types of physical exercises are – running, swimming, mountain climbing, cycling etc. It also considers sports such as- soccer, tennis, cricket etc.

#2. Isometric exercise

The exercise which involves the motionless tightening of a body muscle without having any visible movement in the angle of the joint is called isometric (symmetric) exercise. There is no effect on muscular fibers of these exercises. In this workout, we stress with resistance, and therefore the muscles have to work even when there is not too much movement in your body. This type of exercise increases muscle strength and size rapidly. Some example is- plank, Side Bridge, wall sit and some yoga poses also. You can consider Yoga such as a chair, tree poses etc. They use holding positions than the moving one. Three days a week is enough for these kinds of exercises. These exercises are not required every day. There are plenty of ways available in different gym machines for Isomeric exercises.

#3. Both isometric and isotonic

Muscular tissues are made faster by isometric exercises, so people who are specially working on their body prefer these exercises more. At the same time, isotonic exercises are more useful for wrestlers and short-range runners because they increase stamina. Most of these exercises include both these exercises. So that both strength and endurance can be enhanced.  

However, it is done at a moderate level. For example, wrestling has to be used against bustle and resistance, but it uses very less movement body. Same is with another one. One should try both these exercises as it provides benefits for a range of motion as well as muscle strength. Do both the sets according to your health requirement and according to your trainer. These will add up lots of health benefits in your body and give a qualitative day to day.

#4. Walking

Walking is a medium-range and intuitive exercise, but nothing is better than this if you are too lazy to perform different sets of exercises. People of all ages (especially those affected by heart diseases) can do it quickly. About one-kilometer walk speed burns about 50 calories. The faster you walk more calories you will burn. Therefore, should walk as fast as you can.

Try to walk at least 30 minutes a day in the morning as well as in evening after dinner. It helps every body type and convenient for every age.

Walking has the unlimited advantage such as-

•  Healthy Heart: Regular walk keep your heart healthy and long-lived.

•  Strong Bone: Regular walking can strengthen the bones of the body and increase your stamina.

• Depression and Stress: Depression and stress are natural in today’s life, you can do regular walks to avoid it. According to research, it has been revealed that stress can be avoided by walking as our brain stops thinking while we are walking and we become stress-free.

• Disease Avoidance: From research, it has come to know that due to regular walking, forgetfulness, which is called dementia, can be reduced. By walking, the brain remains active and also enhances memory power.

• Improvement in health: Experts believe that regular walking comes from the change in the environment. If you walk 6000 steps or more during the day, you can reduce your obesity and reduce your tummy that is out of your reach.

• Relaxation in diabetes: If you are a diabetic patient, then you can reduce the sugar levels present in your body by walking.

5. Sports

types of physical exercise

If you are a sports person, this is even more beneficial to you. Games are much better than just exercising as it includes everybody muscle of you and keeps you fit as a fiddle. The exciting part is you do it with fun where you don’t feel any fatigue or tiredness, even you part with enthusiasm. However, if you don’t have any sports choice, make at least one and play it with your friends or join a game club. It will give you a double benefit. You will learn the game and exercise is bonus thing in it.

• Though, you must remember some points while playing the sports game and choose it wisely. Here are some suggested points which you must keep in mind while selecting a sport-

•  Which part of the body is being used in that particular game or sport?

• Does the Game have proper speed? For instance- football & hockey are more dynamic, but table tennis would not be a good choice.

• How much power are you putting in? (especially for a person who wants to increase his/ her strength)for example, Wrestling uses your full strength, but it’s not the same with Badminton)

• Your tolerance and tensile strength that you get from the game.

Give specific time of your day to your sport and keep these points in mind and choose a sport wisely, you will be having a blast entry in exercising world and will see a quick result.

6. Yoga

Yoga is the science of living life in the right way, and it should be included in our daily life. It works on all facets of a person: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and spiritual. Physical and psychological treatment is one of the most known benefits of yoga. It is so powerful and effective because it works on the principles of harmony and integration.

Yoga is a successful alternative to medicines in asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, digestive disorders and other diseases, especially where modern science has not been successful in giving AZAT treatment. Research on the effects of yoga on HIV is currently undergoing promising results. According to medical scientists, yoga is successful due to the balance created in the nerve and endocrine system, which directly affects all other systems and organs of the body.

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The best time to do yoga is- two hours before sunrise in the morning. If the morning is not possible for you then you can do it at sunset. Apart from this, also be very careful about these things:

• Do all the postures in a yoga mat or a valley.

• You can do yoga in an open place like a park, or even at home. Just remember that there should select such a place where you can breathe openly.

• It is better to do yoga during the pregnancy in the direction of a trainer.

• Children of less than ten years of age should not be driven through too much strenuous Yoga exercises.

• Do not hurry or compel your body for practice.

• In the beginning, you can do the same asana that you can easily do. Just be aware that your breathing is rhythmic.

• In the beginning, always relax for a few seconds between two asanas. Set the duration of relaxation in the middle of the two asanas according to your physical needs. Reduce this period over time.   

Overall, benefits of doing physical exercise strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases such as heart disease, hemangiomatosis, type 2 diabetes and obesity. This improves mental health and helps in relieving tension which leads to a healthy life.

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