Tech Myth: 4 Common Cell Phone Myths We all not Aware of

We all are strongly bounded with the relationship of Technology and our most important bounding is with a cell phone. As there are many options available for it, to choose our cell phone, we do all possible steps which may lead us to the best one of them. But do you know, the clue which we use to apply in choosing our phone might be wrong as well and it may distract you from choosing the best phone to the worst one???
So, here we are for some important points which are actually myths about your cell phone. Read the post for all the details.

Charging Phone Overnight Can Cause Battery Damage

Yes, guys! This is a myth. This has been said since the day, the smartphone is created… But actually, it’s not true. The smartphone is smart enough to understand that battery has been fully charged. It itself prevent from absorbing extra power.

WiFi Will Work Better if Signal is Good


No Guys! Not at all! The phone network signal indicator only tells the signal from the nearest tower. Wireless service quality is only measured by the network capacity and ratio of persons in that network.

Only Multicore Processors Are Good Performer

Every time when we buy a phone, the speed and performance suggestion is taken by seeing the multicore processors. But actually, All the applications (Apps) in the system are designed according to a single or dual-core processor. And that is why they can not use the extra processing power. The build quality and hardware are also responsible for performance.

More Megapixels mean Better Photo Quality

This is a really very common and worldwide myth. But it is not always true…  Megapixels work on photo detailing not on photo quality. Camera quality depends on lens size. The light sensor, image process software or hardware of camera are responsible for image quality.

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