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At CasualGlobe, we are always looking for new authors with new ideas. If you also have a writing talent and idea that can tend our readers to read your writing and move our industry forward, we would really like to hear about it. Your aim of writing a post on our platform must be bringing the readers to your article by writing a fresh perspective on an interesting topic.

If you have a story that relates to-

  • Health & Wellness
  • Skin Care
  • Entertainment
  • Hair Care
  • Travel

you can write to us to post your story on our page.

Keeping it very straightforward and honest, we want your article to be at its best and really effective. Write us a pitch at Keep in mind that we only accept original content and we do not publish anything that’s been published elsewhere. Once it is published on our site, you cannot publish it anywhere else nor even on your blog.

Writing at Casual Globe is also rewarding. You can also get an increase in your number of visitors on your own site as we also share your article on big platforms.

How Your Article should be?

We publish articles having a total word count of 800 to 1000 words which depend on subject complexity.  Articles often run with a custom illustration. Your article may be casual in tone and content and rigorously structured and edited. Your content should be web explored and defined.

How to Submit Your Article at Casual Globe

Send us your pitch on with a great idea. Or, if you already have a well-written article, you can share it directly. If your article will be related to our theme and do not have any issues such as plagiarism, Relevancy, etc., it would be accepted. Once your article is accepted, you’ll get feedback from our team.

Rules for Submitting your Article on Casual Globe-

Here are some rules which a writer must follow when submitting an article on our Page. Keep it in your mind and don’t miss any point otherwise your article may be rejected.

  • Your Article should have a word count of 800 words or more.
  • Your article must not have any plagiarized content.
  • You cannot publish the same content you submitted after it is published on our website not even on your blog.
  • Don’t send us sales pitch or PR as we don’t work with Press Release.
  • Don’t put too much link in one article.
  • We will publish your article as soon as our team is done with its review. Once the article is accepted (which merely takes 7 to 10 days), it will be published on the same day.
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