Some Strange Houses That Exist In Our World

We all live in a house and imagine that other’s houses are also as same as ours. But whenever it is the matter of getting our own house, we want it different and most enriched looking i.e quite different and unique house from others. But there are some people who have entirely different houses which can open up your mouth for saying ” Is this really a house???” Let’s see some amazing and unique houses designs of the world.

The Flintstone House

The house has a rocky interior, there has not been used any brick at all. Having a single story structure, the house is a custom made in 2500 square feet. The house has several large windows which make a beautiful view of the evening. It has 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, and one fireplace also. As the flint house is located on in the hills of Malibu, you can surely imagine the charm of the atmosphere over there.

Giant Seashell House

This one is another beautiful and amazing house with unique house design in the world. A Giant Seashell House has glass window which reflects colors. The house is situated in Mexico. It has flooring of flower shaped and also have large windows. The house is made of the creek. It is fire resistant. Currently, a family with four members is living here.

The Transparent House

Yes!! The house is totally transparent. It is situated in Tokyo, Japan. The house owners Seoul Fujimoto wanted that a person should live freely like he is living on a tree. The house has amazing interior has 21 floors and each of them is arranged in such a way that a person living in the house will feel he is on the tree.

World’s Thinnest House

This is again one of the interiors of the amazing houses. This house is located in Warsaw, Poland. It is the thinnest house in the world as it just measures 5 feet wide area. This house was supposed to be an art piece earlier but now, it is open for the tenants. The house has a micro kitchen, a mini bathroom, sleeping cubicle and a tiny work area, which are all connected through ladders.

The Toilet House

Yes!!! This house also exists. The house was built for World Toilet Association meet in 2007.  The value of this house is about 1.1 million dollars. It has a transparent bathroom, which also has walls whenever required which is controlled via a button. The house has rooftop balcony. One more special quality of the house is heavy-duty rainwater harvesting technology.

Landed Suburban House

The house is one of the most fabulous examples of modern architect and strange house. The matte black house seems like it has fallen from the sky and has been landed on the earth breaking the ground. The design of house and ground is like real fall from the sky.

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