?> 4 Mind Blowing Ideas For April Fool: Must Try The 4th One

yeahhh!!! Tombuddys, This is the day we were eagerly waiting for! We can go for the hilarious activities we always wanted to do. April Fool (1st April) is the day when we can play practical jokes and spread hoaxes. But guys remember to play a harmless trick on everyone.
So, here we are with some crazy acts which can make others fool without any harm. So, let’s get ready to be mischievous…

Offer A Cool & Refreshing Tea Coca-Cola

In the hot summer, everybody wants a soft drink for refreshment. So, there is a chance for you.Follow the steps to make a refreshing Soft Drink-

  • Bring a Coca-Cola/ Pepsi or Fanta/ Mirinda Botel
  • Fill it with water and add a Black/ Orange powder color or else for best feel of Pepsi or coca cola, you can boil water with tea.
  • Put it in the refrigerator and let it be cool.
  • Put some ice cubes in it.
  • Serve cold to the supposed to be victim. (LOL)

Fix Airhorn To the Seat

Isn’t t seem so funny, only by hearing? Yes, you can attach an Airhorn with a seat and let the April Fool be sat on it. The funniest voice will be heard… Control your laughter…
See the above pic to know how to fix it.

Serve a Toothpaste Oreo

Here are the steps to make a delicious Toothpaste Oreo. You will need A toothpaste and a packet of Oreo. Follow the steps Given below-

  • Get an Oreo from market
  • Wipe all the Oreo white cream and eat it. (heheheee)
  • Now Spread the white toothpaste on the Oreo Biscuit softly.
  • Serve it to your loved ones.

Propose Your Crush

Yess!! It is the best Day to propose your crush! Guys! The other days can be dangerous for the proposal if you don’t know about your crush’s feelings even if it is Valentines Day. But April Fools Day is perfect. “Maan Gaye to cool Ni to April Fool”.

Play This Hillarious Trick With Your Husband/ Boyfriend


This is the time when you can take revenge of all your anger on your husband or boyfriend. Just Click a pic of his car or bike and post it online. Let his number be visible to all. He will be receiving the calls all the day without knowing that his vehicle is on sale. LOL…… And yes! remember to delete the post next day.

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