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How To Strengthen Hair

Strong and healthy hair is a dream for many people. They keep asking questions like how to strengthen weak hair roots or how to strengthen hair roots naturally at home etc. While a lot goes into play into having that perfect beautiful hair. Some of it also depends on your genes and family history but this doesn’t mean that we cannot take care of our hair and make it strong, beautiful, and voluminous. Many people concern about how to strengthen hair roots. In this article, we will look at the top reasons for having weak hair and tips on how to strengthen hair naturally at home. Read on to find out more.

Table Of Contents

  • What is weak hair?
  • What causes weak hair?
  • Daily habits that ruin our hair
  • Tips to make your hair strong and beautiful

What Is Weak Hair?

Hair that is droopy, limp, falling out can be defined as weak hair. Excessive oils split ends or too much dryness fall into the category of weak hair. Consistent weakening of the hair can ultimately lead to hair breakage and an increase in hair fall. While it is normal to lose 100-150 hairs every day. We generally replace those by regrowing hair again. Losing excess hair is a sign that something is wrong. We think again and again about how to strengthen weak hair roots. Your hair is weak and needs urgent care from your side.

How to strengthen hair: What causes weak hair?

What Causes Weak Hair?

Weak hair is a sign that your hair needs urgent care and attention from you. While weak hair can have various reasons. Some of it may require you to visit a doctor, generally, it occurs due to the following reasons listed below.

  • The problem can be genetic as it can be handed down from a parent to a child.
  • Poor diet and lifestyle
  • Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy and menopause.
  • Birth control pills and other medications or due to any disease or illness.
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fungal infection, a bacterial infection of the scalp, cancer treatments.
  • Pollution, too much exposure to sunlight, hard water, etc.
  • Air conditioning and exposing your hair to various heating and chemical treatments.

Daily Habits That Ruin Our Hair

There are certain seemingly unintentionally done daily habits in our day-to-day lives. These habits ruin our hair and damage the hair roots and follicles. These are small things that we are usually unaware of and can cause real damage to our hair.

  1. Not using the right kind of shampoo- We usually don’t think much before applying any kind of shampoo and conditioners to our hair. This is a very serious mistake as using the wrong kind of shampoo can cause damage to the hair roots and clog the pores of the scalp. One should always select shampoos according to the type of hair one has.
  2.  Improper use of the towel- Scrubbing your hair dry vigorously after taking a bath with your towel is a serious mistake. It is a strict no-no for your hair’s survival. Instead, you should gently pat your hair dry with a towel after taking your bath.
  3. Sweating after exercise- Any workout be it cardio or weight training causes your scalp to sweat profusely which is harmful to your hair. Scheduling your shampoo sessions right after your workout or patting it dry with a towel is a must for your hair.
how to strengthen hair roots

Tips For How To Strengthen Hair Roots

The tips provided below are solutions on how to strengthen hair roots naturally at home. These tips will be valuable both for males and females. However, if you have any serious hair problems then it is advised to visit a doctor. The tips are as follows

Curb down on your heating sessions- Exposing your hair to blow dryers, straighteners, and hot curlers can cause hair breakage especially if your hair is fine, dry, and prone to breakage. It is advised to limit your blow-drying and style sessions to at least two to three times a week. Keep the heat setting to a lower level so that your hair gets the time to recover in between each session.

The scalp is the foundation of your hair health- Keeping your scalp healthy will ensure that your hair roots are strong and automatically healthy hair will follow suit. Your scalp can be oily, dry or it can be itchy. The best solution is to massage it with coconut oil, argan oil, or sesame oil for 5 minutes before shampooing it. This is the best tip for how to strengthen hair roots.

how to strengthen hair

Healthy, Wholesome Diet Stimulates Hair Growth– Eating a wholesome balanced diet is not only essential for your body but also acts as a fuel for your hair growth. Eating iron and protein-rich foods can improve your hair texture, stimulate hair growth,feed your scalp with essential nutrients. It can help in the buildup of Keratin the protein which is responsible for your hair growth. So what are you waiting for? hurry up and go buy those fresh leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, meat, etc and include them in your diet right now.

Increase Your Vitamin Intake- One more important step for how to strengthen hair roots. Those essential vitamins and minerals are very much important for your hair health. Taking them regularly is a choice whose benefits you will reap in the form of strong healthy hair. Vitamins are essential for avoiding any nutritional deficiencies that may lead to hair loss. The vitamins that are needed for your hair growth are vitamin A, vitamin B especially biotin, vitamin C, D, E, iron, and zinc. Good sources of vitamins and minerals include spinach, egg yolk, lentils, oysters, red meat, sunflower seeds, almonds, clams, eggs, nuts and seeds, citrus fruits, strawberries, sweet potatoes, carrot, milk, yogurt, etc.

Water Is Life- Proper hydration is a must for improving your hair health and avoiding weak hair. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day for strengthening your hair.

how to strengthen hair

Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water- Taking a hot water bath can damage your hair both at the root and the cuticles. Heat damage can make your hair dry, frizzy, or can even lead to hair breakage. So it is advised to always take a bath in lukewarm water and rinse your scalp off with cold water after taking your bath.

Apply Egg Yolk Mask To Your Hair- Egg yolk mask is enriched with the same amount of proteins and vitamins. Proteins and vitamins are essential for strong hair follicles and improved hair growth. It is rich in vitamin A, D, folate, and biotin. An egg yolk mask can easily be made at home. All you have to do is add 3 egg yolks and 3 to 4 teaspoons of hot coconut oil and then mix it up well. Once the mixture has been blended nicely apply it to your scalp and roots. Then put on a shower cap and let the mixture sit on your head for 10 to 15 minutes. Once the mixture has settled in rinse it off with cold water. There you go in a few easy steps you would be well on your way to healthy, beautiful, and strong hair.

Apply Aloe Vera On Your Hair And Scalp- Rubbing aloe vera on your hair and scalp can work wonders for your hair as it stimulates cell growth leading to hair growth. Aloe vera is rich in essential vitamins and minerals which are an absolute necessity for your hair. Although further research is still being done to study its effects on our hair still we can use it. You can either directly apply the aloe vera gel from the plant or can use hair products that contain aloe vera ingredients. If you are worry about how to strengthen hair roots try this method for some weeks.

how to strengthen hair

Hot Oil Treatment- Hot oil treatment especially that of coconut and avocado oil is a popular choice among many people. It helps in retaining moisture to your dry, frizzy, and weak hair. All you have to do is mix equal portions of coconut oil and avocado oil and mix it up. Once the mixture is done gently pour it into a glass jar and lower the jar in a pot of hot water. Remember the oil needs to be warm and not be heated excessively. Once the heating is done check the temperature by applying it on the back of your wrist. Massage it over your scalp, roots and work your way up to your entire head. Then put on a shower cap and let the mixture settle in for exactly 20 minutes. Once the mixture has settled in rinse it off with cold water.

Replace The Towel With A Light Cotton T-Shirt – Instead of scrubbing your hair dry vigorously with a towel use a light cotton t-shirt to squeeze the water out of your hair. The light fabric of the shirt will smoothen your hair. You can also wrap the shirt around your head for 3-4 minutes till it drys up completely.


This is all about how to strengthen hair and how to strengthen weak hair roots. While the above tips are a valuable add on to your hair care. It requires efforts on all fronts in order to get healthy and beautiful hair. Hair loss is a natural phenomenon both for men and women but it can also be caused due to an underlying health condition. In that case, it is strictly advised to visit a doctor for excessive hair loss, hair breakage, and weakening of the hair.

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