?> Hair Care Tips: Take Care of Your Hairs While Travelling
Hair care tips

Whether you are travelling for a business event or on vacation, your hair is definitely going to face a tough time. While your hair loves to play in the beautiful breeze and amidst the fragrance of the foreign land, it is your responsibility to manage it neatly.
Thus, hair care tips should be the first one to pop in your mind even before you plan on your travel itinerary. City smog, air blowing out from an air-conditioner, pollution, salty seawater, and bright sun are some of the factors that widely contribute to damaging the health and texture of your hair.

Hair Care Tips

#1 Oiling your hair
#2 Wash overnight
#3 Serums are essential
#4 Make sure that you pack all your essential hair accessories
#5 Experience the magic of a hair bun
#6 Couple your shampoo with a good conditioner
#7 Be extremely careful while you swim in the pools
#8 Pack detangling products
#9 Trim them



#1 Hair Care Tips: Oiling Your Hair

The most critical factor responsible for damaging your hair is the lack of nourishment. Oiling both roots and hair tips with good natural oil will provide it with the essential nourishment. Since ages, both Argan and Coconut oil have been proving their worth in providing deep nourishment to every single hair follicle. One of the most effective hair care tip for winter is to heat the oil on double boiler to let the pores open up.

Hair oiling

#2 Wash Overnight

All the travelers should never miss on to wash their hair at least a day before their actual travelling day. If you wash your hair on your travelling day itself, it might provide enough room for the dirt and dust to settle on your wet hair follicles. The excessive presence of all the city pollutants will cause your hair to lose its nourishment and turn dry. Thus, it is always better to wash your hair thoroughly a day before your travel.
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Hair wash

#3 Serums Are Essential

No matter whether you are travelling or staying indoors, the use of hair serum is a pre-requisite to keep your hair in good condition. Most of the girls today are fond of curling or straightening their hair. Even though it might look temporarily good, these are damaging hair sources and may alter the texture of your hair permanently. It is therefore advisable for you to carry a good brand organic hair serum in your travel backpack. Not only do they provide protection to your hair from the damaging effects of sun and pollutants, but also, they are deep hair nourishes. Serum is one of the best hair care tips for dry hair. To manage those frizzes and get natural shine apply a good quantity of serum .

Hair serum

#4 Pack All Your Essential Hair Accessories –

Hair accessories such as scarfs, hairbands, headbands, and hats are essential physical barriers to shield your hair from the outer forces. All these accessories act as a barrier for your hair so that exposure of any form (dirt or dryness) does not damage your hair. These days, you have many beautiful shades and colors of scarfs available in the market. Apart from protecting your hair, they may also form a good fusion with your travel attire. This is one of the hair care tips naturally to shield your hairs.

Hair accessories

#5 Experience The Magic Of A Hair Bun

You can apply this hair care tip whatever the texture of your hair – oily or dry . This can even be a funky hairstyle for the guys who love to wear long hairs. And for all those who have short ones, can go for other routine hair accessories. As you tie a hair bun, now you do not need to actually worry about your hair becoming dry.

Hair bun
#6 Couple Your Shampoo With A Good Conditioner

The list of hair care tips is almost incomplete without the presence of a good shampoo and the best hair conditioner. The thumb rule in your hair care routine is that you need to spare a reasonable amount of time in selecting the best couple (shampoo + conditioner) for your hair type. These days, you might come across marketed shampoos that are alcohol-based. Such alcohol-based shampoos are cheaply available in the market and hence attracts a lot of hair possessive customers.
If you want to own a luxurious growth of soft and nourished hair, never go for a shampoo, which is based out of alcohol as it will only make your hair more and drier. Instead, go for hair shampoos with macadamia oil in it. This essential haircare ingredient is known to nourish hair deeply and make it bouncy.

Hair shampoo
#7 Be Extremely Careful While You Swim In The Pools

The swimming pool water is chemical-rich to make it look crystal clear. However, those chemicals might turn out harmful for your hair. Hair masks are extremely useful in such scenarios. This is very vital hair care tip for men also.


#8 Pack Detangling Products For Hair Care Tips

Sleeping in trains or buses or surfing on a clear day might turn your hair into a complete mess. This is the moment when you need to stop yanking at your hair and pay careful attention to them. All they need is your love and support while you are on the go. So, even if your travel backpack has little to no space at all, make sure that you pack three essential detangling products – tangle teaser comb, detangling conditioner (alcohol-free), and deep conditioning hair masks.

Hair packs

#9 Trim Them

After your return from your trip, if you feel that the ends of the length of your hair have turned extremely dry, do not shy off from trimming them. You do not need to go for fancy costly hairstyles; get them trimmed at the bottom. This can be very useful hair care trip for long hairs which also reduce the chances of getting split ends.

Hair cut



These hair care tips will help to protect your beauty and will give your hairs the strength from roots. Follow the daily routine to take extra care of your hairs. Healthy diet is one of the most effective way for any hair care tips. Flaunt your hair and let them stay healthy!

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