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9 World's Easiest Mehndi Designs You Have Never Seen Before! Easy Mehndi Design for Hands: Simple mehendi designs for hands

We adore this mehndi culture, don’t we? The feel, the colour, the fragrance, what is there not to be adored about Mehndi? Not only in India, but it’s also spreading its redolence outside as well! This is why we have got some fantastic and easy mehndi design for hand to you.

In case you are aware of it, it is a natural dye which is made from the leaves and stem of the Henna tree. Western culture also has adopted it as a temporary tattoo.

Mehndi has got an exceptional place in our hearts. One can get a simple mehndi design for hands through a cone that can be held like a pen to draw designs. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and that is why ” World’s easiest trick for getting an amazing mehndi design” is here.
Let’s dig it up and reveal these simple cone designs for hands with step by step process to apply this.

#1 Easy Mehndi Design for Hands: Cotton Earbuds Mehndi Design

Easy Mehndi Design for Hands

So, starting with our first easy mehndi design for hands, here are the steps to follow-

Step 1: Suppose you don’t know anything about using the mehndi cone, but one thing we are sure can is- make points with it. yaa? So, this is the first step, make points by just squeezing the mehndi cone softly over your hand in a curve path like in the picture.
Step2: Now, make small flowers by making more points around the previous points in a circular line.
Step3: Do the same with every point on the curve.

Step4: Now, Here comes the cotton buds magic! Now take a cotton bud and put it to the outer points and slide it down easy.
Step 5: Do the same with every point. Can you see this easily decorated design?
Step6: Now, make a curve line down at the wrist and points around it as shown in the image.
Step7: Now do the same cotton bud process to make leaves like this.
Step 8: Decorate it with more designs and your beautiful design is ready!! which is one of the easy cone designs for hands.

#2 Easy Mehndi Design: Beautiful Lace Mehndi Design

Easy Mehndi Design for Hands

Have you ever though your cloth laces, the floral decor can be used as a mehndi design also? Though, it can be! See these easy steps-

Step1: Pick up one of your beautiful lace from any cloth and measure it with your hand size.
Step2: Now, use some glue and paint it over the laces
Step3: stick it up on your hands where you want the designs.
Step4: Here is the fun step! Take a brush and paint the mehndi over the laces and cover it a bit heavy.
Step 5: Remove the laces and see what you have!!

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#3 Simple Mendi Design for Hands

Simple Mehndi Design for Hands

Here comes the another easiest mehndi design for hands! Again the boon for non mehndi desgner. No one would say you aren’t a mehndi designer after this design. Here are the steps for this simple mehndi design for hands-

  • Step 1: You know how to make some flowers from the 1st design! Right? why not make some?
  • Start with that and make three flowers on your hand.
  • Now start a curvy line from the flowers as you make a leaf and make points around the lines.
  • Now, here, you can use the cotton buds or else your fingers as well to make the points look like leaves as shown in the image.
  • Step 2: Now, give your leaves a shape by a cone That means give it an outline for more clarity and shape.
  • Step 3: Now, apply the same strategy for the same design at other end as shown in the picture above. And you will get an amazing and beautiful design by your side.

Simple Mehndi design for hands: Easy Cone Designs

Above were some awesome tricks to draw astonishing and very easy mehndi designs for hands. However, if you know to draw with cone even a little bit, you can make beautiful mehndi design. Let’s see some of them.

#4 Easy Mehndi Design for Hands: Jewellery Pattern

Simple Mehndi Design for Hands

This simple mehndi design resembles a piece of jewellery. The floral and pearl-like pattern make it looks no less than the mesmerising design.

#5 Simple Mehndi Design for hands: Ganesha Design

Simple Mehndi Design for Hands

Lord Ganesha is life for any occasion or event in India; He is the sign of the of happiness, wealth and prosperity. The Ganesha mehendi design is so simple mehendi design for hands and is beautiful too.

#6 Easy Mehndi Design for hands: Shaded Floral

Simple Mehndi Design for Hands

This is a backhand easy mehndi design for hands which has the tracing of flowers and shaded regions of it.

#7 Half Glove Mehendi Design for Hands

Easy Mehndi Design for Hands

Half Lace GloveIt is another easy mehndi design for hands. It draws attention and also looks elegant. It works for engagement and cocktail parties.

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#8 Fingertip Mehndi Design for Hands

Easy Mehndi Design for Hands

Fingertip Design is one o the most elegant as well as simple mehndi design for hands. It does not look gaudy or heavy on your hand but gives a beautiful and charming look.

#9 Easy Mehndi Design for Hands: Leafy Design

Easy Mehndi Design for Hands

One of the most simple mehndi design for hands. You just need a simple formation consisting of intertwined leafy strands. This is also a backhand easy mehndi design for hands you can easily pull off.

So, these were some simple and easy mehndi designs for hands which you can easily pull off. If you want more stuff like point 1, 2 and 3, you can write in the comment section below. We would love to add some more tricks here. Hope you loved the post and it helped you in a better way.
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