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Tried of cakey patches on your skin? It’s like your dream to have flawless look, then sweetheart, you have landed on the right page, as it offers all you need. Here we are going to inform you about the “13 Best Primer for Oily Skin in India”.

Makeup is a kind of art and your face is the canvas. It is better to have a matte and flawless canvas before you begin with your art. If you possess oily skin or a combination one, preparing your skin before applying your makeup is necessary to create a streak-free perfect base that holds itself in its place and lasts all day long. So, to maintain this, you need to have the best primer for oily skin. Our list of 13 best primers for oily skin in India is as follows:

#1. Best Smashbox Primer for Oily Skin

best primer for oily skin

The first of our 13 best primer for oily skin is Smashbox. The shine of your face while mattifying for the skin for about 8 hours with Smashbox. Smashbox primer perfectly balances oily and combination skin and glides smoothly on your skin to create a silky texture by melting in the pores of your skin. The primer is light-in-weight and creates the perfect base to keep your makeup-game in place all day long without fading or creasing.

Your hands-on the Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimising Primer, photo finish primer oil and shine control.

#2. Illamasqua

best Illamasqua primer for oily skin

Oil at bay throughout the day with Illamasqua primer and create a perfectly matte base for your oily skin. The cream-gel formula sucks all the excess oil to create a matte skin without giving a dry look to your complexion. It allows your foundation to glide smoothly over your face without coming across any uneven tone or skin texture. Try the authentic Illamasqua Matte Veil Primer and get rid of greasy patches.

#3. Nars

Top primers for oily skin in India 2021

Nars is one of the best primers for oily skin in India. Perfect skin with Nars primer, which is enriched with Oleanolic Acid and African whitewood. It purifies the skin and creates a perfect base for makeup. The oil-free primer sweeps away excess oil and reduces the appearance of pores to achieve a perfected and smooth complexion. It leaves the skin with an even and soft velvet finish. Mattify your oily skin with Nars cosmetics pore and shine control primer and pro prime pore refining primer.

#4. Best Bobbi Brown Primer for Oily Skin

best primer for oily skin in India

The longevity to your make-up with Bobbi Brown primers while balancing your complexion. The primer reduces the appearance of pores while controlling the production of oil to achieve an even and smooth visage. The lightweight formula of Bobbi brown primer makes it undetectable while imparting a fresh matte look. Get the perfect finish for your everyday look with Bobbi brown primer Plus mattifier, Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base. Hope Bobbi Brown can give the perfect result to your search for the best primer for oily skin.

#5. Sleek

Sleek primer for oily skin

Another perfect primer for the oily skin. A smooth and perfect base for your makeup with sleek primers, which are formulated with soft-focus powders to give a velvet finish. Minimize oil on your skin while smoothing the imperfections and fine lines with sleek primer. It also balances your skin while keeping your complexion balanced and fresh. Get a flawless base, with Sleek makeup mattifying primer.

#6. Lancome

Best Lancome Primer for Oily Skin

The appearance of your pores, and fine lines to give a flawless finish to your skin. With a shine-free and sleek finish, the primer helps in increasing the longevity of the makeup while imparting a subtle glow and natural matte base. It imparts flawless results of foundation. Try the Lancome Prep and Matte primer, and La base pro perfecting primer for a perfect matte finish.

#7. Best NYX Primer for Oily Skin in India

best primer for oily skin

NYX is one of the most famous primer brands. A feather-light primer for your skin with a water-based formula from NYX. Gift yourself a photo-ready finish with the primer range from NYX. This face primer for oily skin helps to enhance the application of makeup while imparting a long-lasting and beautiful finish. The NYX primer creates an oil-free base to help your makeup stay longer. Don’t miss out on the NYX professional makeup high definition primer, and professional makeup studio-perfect primer. So, recommend NYZ as one of the best Primer for oily skin.

#8. Estee Lauder

ESTEE LAUDER primer for Oily Skin

Shine and oil expertly to get a flawless finish with Estee lauder primers. Get a healthy-looking complexion whilst mattifying and smoothing veil on your skin. Worn underneath makeup or alone, the primer aids in controlling, and balancing the skin to give a fresh look all day long. Estee lauder the mattifier shine control perfecting primer and women’s face primer are worth a try. So, don’t hesitate to give a try to this face primer for oily skin.

#9. Colorbar

best primer for oily skin

Many of us feel that Colorbar is only into manufacturing quality lipsticks but we would like to inform that the primers from Colorbar are also of premier quality. Colorbar primer has a satin and oil-free finish, which covers your uneven skin and fine lines. The silicon-based primer consists of a transparent gel that gets easily absorbed in the skin while helping to blend the makeup easily. The color bar primer leaves the skin soft and smooth. Colorbar is enriched with antioxidants and vitamin E, which moisturizes the skin. Nourish your skin with the Colorbar perfect match primer and get a non-greasy look. So, try Colorbar as the best primer for oily skin.

#10. Pac

best PAC primer for oily skin in India

PAC primer reduces the appearance of pores while making the skin appear even-toned. It feels light on your skin and thus, gives a smooth and thin layer that helps your makeup to look flawless and non-patchy. The translucent formula of Pac primer imparts a mattifying shine and silky texture to your face. Splurge on the PAC pore primer, and studio finish oil primer.

#11. Loreal Paris

LOREAL Paris Primer for Oily Skin in India

The transforming power of Loreal Paris primers to smoothen your pores instantly to create a smooth surface for your foundation to slide on and hence it makes Loreal Paris as one the top brand for a primer for oily skin. Its non-greasy formulation makes it a great primer for oily skin. The Loreal Paris primer minimizes the appearance of fine lines and erases pores. Get a long-lasting makeup with Loreal Paris Base Magique transforming smoothing power, and Base magique power.

#12. Best MAC Primer for Oily Skin

best primer for oily skin

Set your makeup in place with the MAC primer for oily skin. The MAC primer for oily skin gives a flawless finish to your skin while making it appear extremely soft and smooth. It is non-patch and fills your pores. Rock your makeup looks with the MAC prep + primer pore-refining stick, and prep + prime skin refined zone.

#13. LA Girl

Top Primer for Oily Skin in India

The last primer brand to our list of “13 best primer for oily skin“. Your skin with an all-day makeup looks with LA girl. It not only corrects your skin tone but also creates a soft base by minimizing the signs of aging and filling in pores to offer the ideal surface for makeup. Try LA girl pro prep HD smoothing Face primer to get a beautiful finish off or on camera.

After all, putting expensive makeup on your face has no point if it all runs down at the end of the day and makes. The best makeup primer for oily skin will ensure that your makeup lasts longer without leaving any greasy patches.

So, this is our list of 13 best primer for oily skin. Hope you enjoyed reading. Do let us know your opinion on the same by commenting in the below section. Thanks for reading.

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