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Best Night-Creams

Night Creams have their own significance in beauty & grooming. They give additional support to your skin what it could not get the whole day. Through night creams you can add more beauty to your beauty sleep. Night creams are as much important as day creams. Here, we have listed some best night creams which are also considered to be best night creams in India. So, try these night creams and wae up with fresh, supple, and radiant skin in the morning.

 Ayurvedic Night Cream


Price:  ₹1,950.00
Since the start of mankind, he is not unaware of the healing and magical properties of the Ayurveda. And so is the capability of this Ayurveda based powerful formula, one of the best night creams created from the finest saffron found in Kashmir. The blend of Saffron makes the uneven skin tone and the signs of aging like age spots and fine lines disappear. Bacterial and fungal infections are fought by the presence of Liquorice thus making it the best night cream for repairing


  • Natural formula 98% due to its Ayurvedic generation.
  • Brightens skins
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Signs of aging: fine lines and age spots are reduced
  • Uneven skin tone is minimized
  • No greasiness
  • A bit costly
  • Its recommended for night use purpose
    Rating: 3.7/5

Colorbar  Overnight Creme

Colorbar Beauty Sleep Overnight Creme

Price: ₹950.00

Science has achieved multiple wonderful results and so why to shy when it comes to daily skin care regime. The use of the excellent formula preparation of ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ and ‘AH-8’ in this best night cream makes its use more useful. Dull skin is its best work ground to make it uplifted and repaired. It does the multiple actions of protecting, hydrating and fighting against signs of aging and so making itself one of the best night creams.


  • Hydrating action
  • After use, dry patches are not formed on the skin.
  • Several signs of aging are been reduced
  • Presence of excellent formulation of hyaluronic acid and AH-8


  • Been recommended for night purpose only
  • A bit costly as compared to the amount of cream in the container.

Rating: 3.0/5

Natio Ageless Night Cream

Natio Ageless Firming Night Cream

Price: ₹1220.00

Natio Ageless Firming Night Cream is a skin care collection by Natio in a range of  natural products with plant based ingredients. This is also one of the best night cream for dry skin as well as oily skin. It contains a blend of natural ingredients which help your skin to provide more youthful complexion while you sleep. It hydrates the skin and make it soft, fresh and reduce wrinkles and fine lines also.


  • Hydrating action
  • Natural ingredients make it safer for use.
  • Regular use makes skin firm, soft and youthful in appearance.
  • Several signs of aging such as a fine line or wrinkles get reduced.
  • Deeply hydrating ingredients like sweet almond oil and shea butter are present.
  • Deep hydration keeps the skin away from dry and patchy problems.


  • Not easily available in shops, need to refer online merchants.
  • It is costly.

Rating: 3.9/5

Estee Lauder Night Repair 

Night creams are as much important as day creams. Here, we have listed some best night creams which are also considered to be best night creams in India. So, try these night creams and wae up with fresh, supple, and radiant skin in the morning.- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

Price:₹ 5900.00

Younger skin in every phase of life is not a dream anymore and credit can be given to one of the best night creams: Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. The younger looking skin requires a vital process of the nighttime purification process. Exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology addresses all the signs of aging and makes it look younger and fresh in just 4 weeks, no doubt making it best night cream among many others in the market. Claims to make 83% consumers, feel skin fresher, healthier and rested in 4 weeks.


  • Results are claimed to be seen in just 4 weeks.
  • Best impacts were making skin feel smoother, stronger and hydrated.
  • Oil-free formula
  • Suits all skin types.


  • For the people having the love for fragrances, it is fragrance-free.
  • Price is too much for everyone to opt for.

Rating: 4.5/5

Kumkumadi Teenage Cream

Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream


In this fast growing world, where long day routine is tiring not only for grown-ups but also for teenagers. Forest Essentials Kumkumadi Teenage Night Cream is best night cream suited well for teenagers. Clear glowing skin and deep nourishment being the major goals to aim for. It contains powerful ayurvedic preparations, which is a mixture of Kumkumadi and Manikya (Ruby) Bhasma and s can be listed very well as one of the best night creams.


  • Ingredients have the miraculous rejuvenating properties.
  • Does not leaves the skin dry and patchy.
  • Pigmentation is cleared.
  • Keeps skin healthy and nourished.


  • Not suitable for oily skin.
  • It is costly as compared to the cream amount.

Rating: 4.4/5

Lakme Sculpting Creme

Lakme Absolute Youth Infinity Skin Sculpting Night Cream

Price: ₹599.00

Flawless skin is no more confined to youth age group, all thanks to this night cream Lakme product: Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Creme. Insta-Collagen Boosters along with luminizing pearls work together to provide firmness, brighter and fairer skin. Coupled with Lakme youth infinity range, everyday usage will bring back the 20’s sculpted look.


  • This night cream Lakme product brightens skin tone distinctly due to the presence of  luminizing pearls
  • Non-comedogenic, the best night cream is trusted by many salons.
  • With regular use, this cream promises to give soft, supple and glowing skin.
  • Keeps skin healthy and nourished.
  • Price is comparatively affordable.


  • Not suitable for oily skin.
  • Due to the small opening of the container, it might be uncomfortable in using this night cream.

Rating: 4.5/5

Clinique Night Moisturizer

Clinique Smart Night Custom - Repair Moisturizer - Combination Oily Skin

Price: ₹3450.00

Age is no barrier for the even-toned and radiant skin. This is possible because of the skin products crafted gracefully and one such miracle is the production of best night creams. These creams work all night making skin even more smooth- firm than ever before and hence are counted among best night cream. Skin retains moisture due to smart hydrating technology. Its oil-free formula reduces smooth lines and wrinkles. Skin tones are made even and the face skin is uplifted.


  • Claimed and proven to give 75% better results.
  • Oil-free formula.
  • Fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone is taken care of.
  • Keeps skin hydrated, saying no to patchiness.
  • Retains skin moisture.


  • Comes in only one quantity: 30 grams.
  • It is costly.

Rating: 4.6/5

Wheat Youthful Night Cream

Biotique Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream


Wheatgrass is a blessing to those who are aware of its amazing properties. Be it weight loss or beauty care: it promises to give promising results. It is also one of the best night cream for oily skin. Biotique: a perfect blend of Ayurveda and modern science, makes best night cream which has miraculous properties of BIO WHEAT GERM. Wheat germ’s pampering properties keep skin hydrating and fresh. Organically pure and preservative free formula makes it easily trustable and hence can be counted as the best night cream.


  • Dermatologically tested and proved safe.
  • Suitable for normal to dry skin.
  • Wheat germ’s organic oil protects skin from patchiness and the environmental stress.
  • Keeps skin hydrated, saying no to patchiness.
  • Affordable price.


  • People allergic to wheat germ, need to test it before usage.
  • It is a no for oily skin types.

Rating: 4.3/5

Tea Tree Night Lotion

Price:₹895.00The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion

Body Shop products well known for the performance, comes with a wide range of skincare regime. This non-greasy formula can be counted among best night creams and is proved so clinically as well. Antibacterial action provoking cream leaves skin moisturized overnight and hence a good deal for being enlisted in the best night creams.


  • clinically tested and proved safe.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Reduces pimples due to its antibacterial action.
  • Nongreasy formula leaves skin looking matte.
  • Affordable price.


  • Online shopping would be a good deal for its continuous supply.
  • Narrow mouth container might give problem in taking out every bit of cream.

Rating: 4.5/5

Himalaya Herbals Night Cream

Himalaya Herbals Youth Eternity Night Cream


Night cream Himalaya rage is very prominent when it comes to adjusting them in one’s skincare regime. This cream is enriched with Edelweiss, Rose Myrtle along with Fire Flame Bush-Cipadessa baccifera. Plant cells are capable of infusing rejuvenating power in the cells of the face and thus bringing back the innovative youthfulness in the skin. Healing power of regeneration is back at the action: making it one among many other best night creams.


  • Shows results within 4 weeks.
  • Fades away fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin hydration is improved and elasticity is boosted.
  • Edelweiss is best for skin conditioning.
  • Price is affordable.


  • The amount is only one quantity: 50ml.
  • No trial pack available.

Rating: 4.4/5

Apart from these enlisted night creams, there are some more brands which are mostly used among women such as Night cream from Lotus, night cream from Olay etc.  If you want to know more about Night creams or want to know ‘How to use night creams’, you can write to us in the comment section.
Hope this article helped you. If you have used these creams before or going to use them, please share your experience about the cream to us in the comment section and tell your valuable feedback here for others.
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